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Submitted by Josh Grossman on Mon Jul 4 2:06pm

Well, that's a wrap. After ten action-packed days of great music and great company, I woke up this morning with nowhere in particular to go. It will take me a couple of days to readjust to "real life", and then before I know it we'll be talking about 2012...

Here's the rundown on my last day of the 2011 festival:

Canada Day Festivities

Submitted by Josh Grossman on Sat Jul 2 10:19am

I feel as though a number of interplanetary alignments occurred yesterday to produce a wonderful day: a lighter schedule meant some time to relax and hang out; some great music and conversations kept me engaged throughout the day; and, on a personal note, I got to spend some time with family. Here's how it went:

The flipside

Submitted by Josh Grossman on Fri Jul 1 10:09am

First - Happy Canada Day! We're looking forward to a fun, family-friendly day on Metro Square.

With more than half of the festival now completed - and heading into a long weekend, when some of our audience inevitably heads out of town - our schedule has lightened up considerably. However, although day 7 may have lacked in quantity (compared to previous days), it was no lighter on quality...

I could have danced all night...

Submitted by Josh Grossman on Tue Jun 28 10:13am

Yesterday was an action-packed, awesome day of music. Let's launch right in...

My day started with emcee duties at the Outdoor Stage, introducing the four-piece George Grosman Trio (he brought along a percussionist). I couldn't stay long, unfortunately, but trust that George's great sense of swing and interesting repertoire choices kept the audience engaged. From Metro Square I headed over to The Rex, where I spent the majority of the afternoon enjoying the Youth Jazz Showcase.

Day Two Electric Boogaloo

Submitted by Josh Grossman on Sun Jun 26 9:05am

Mmmmmm...chip truck fries...nothing like a late-night snack to inspire one to blog...

Okay - so here's my still-up-after-a-long-day-at-the-festival report on day 2. I'll edit in the morning; but because of an early-ish appointment I'm writing now rather than worrying about cramming it into what will be a rushed morning...


Submitted by Josh Grossman on Sat Jun 25 10:32am

Well, that was a pretty incredible way to start the festival...

Despite weather worries, logistical challenges and the adjustments required for a new venue, we got the 25th TD Toronto Jazz Festival kicked off in fine fashion last night. Two legends (one jazz, one soul) took to two different stages, and there was great music all night long.