Queer Songbook Orchestra

The Toronto based Queer Songbook Orchestra (QSO) weave song and story together into intimate performances which explore and elevate LGBTQ+ narratives through the lens of popular music. Formed in 2014 by Artistic Director Shaun Brodie, the QSO have toured extensively throughout Canada, bringing tenderness and truth to centre stage in large and small cities alike. A highly collaborative ensemble, the QSO have worked with roughly 200 hundred guest artists to date, from youth to elder, and inclusive of story contributors, local narrators, arrangers, visual artists, featured singers and other special guests. Among these names are Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Cris Derksen, Carole Pope, Orville Peck, Vivek Shraya, Mary Margaret O’Hara and many, many more.

The QSO have released three studio albums, including the 2018 Polaris Prize Long Listed collaboration with Vivek Shraya ( Part-Time Woman ), and a stop-motion animated short film, Reach the Sky , which has screened at festivals in Japan, Belgium, Spain, the UK, Germany, Russia, Mexico and across the US and Canada.